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In early December 2012, CaptionCall customers received a software update for their phone that included the following new features:
Saved Conversations: You can choose to save the captioning from conversations for later review. You might find this useful for saving conversations with loved ones or those with important information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Flick Scrolling: “Flick” your finger across the CaptionCall phone touchscreen to navigate more quickly and efficiently through lists.

Return to New Captioning Button: When you scroll to review previous captioning during a conversation, the Return to New Captioning button will immediately return you to live captioning

Cursor Positioning: Make edits starting from anywhere in an editable field, without having to delete all text in a field.
We also added a feature to that enables you to import up to 25 contacts at a time using vCard files (also known as .vcf or electronic contact information, the Internet standard for exchanging contact information). Once imported, vCard contacts are available within minutes on the CaptionCall phone. For more information, log in to your account at and click on My Contacts.

Customers to Again Receive Phones at No Cost

CaptionCall releases new features including, saved conversations, flick scrolling and cursor positioning

Customize your CaptionCall phone to your own personal audiogram

CaptionCall now able to save volume settings from previous call.